Blog Guide

This blog allows you to communicate with those in our Broughton community and also with any interested person in the world. This means we need to keep our information about each other secure so we keep our environment safe.

There are rules to keep us safe online:

  • All posts will first be monitored by Mrs Sheerman before they will be posted on the blog
  • No photos of students will be published unless parents first give permission – so do not submit photos without first handing in signed permission
  • Students will only be identified by their first name
  • Posts will not include personal details about students such as addresses, phone numbers and family information
  • Parents who leave comments are asked to use only their first name so as not to identify their child

When posting comments:

  • Make your comment worth reading
  • Start a conversation
  • Be positive, interesting and encouraging
  • If you disagree, be polite about it
  • connect your comment to the post: be on topic
  • Re-read your comment before you hit submit – think before you send!
  • Aim for correct spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Don’t use chat or texting language like lol, i,or u
  • No “Hi! Visit my Blog! Bye” comments. Be thoughtful.
  • All users should remain respectful – you may not post anything that is considered rude.

Music used in this blog must be Royalty Free and may be obtained from :

Award winning library of royalty free music from

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