Science Activities and Investigations

Students – this link is for you:  Do you like online games and activities?

Are you interested in

  • forensic science
  • neuroscience
  • investigating drugs of abuse or how alcohol affects the brain and body systems
  • microbiology
  • the scientific method
  • infectious diseases
  • careers in science (virtual activities)

….. this site is for you to explore these holidays! It offers an interactive fun-filled adventure in learning.

Zygote Body: 3D body systems

This free tool allows a 3D view of the human body and it’s systems – from any angle and any size. It is necessary to use a good browser such as Firefox or Chrome. Similar iPad Apps are available but are expensive and for the average student with only computer access this free tool is certainly adequate.

Khan Academy – Videos for Learning

This website (with recently released free App) has a wealth of videos on educational topics – mathematical concepts, biology, art, history and more. Secondary teachers: Integrating one into lesson revision or as a starting place for discussion would work well with these videos. Many are available on YouTube and can therefore be embedded into Moodle lessons.

Apps plus SMART Board – ‘switched on learning’ @ Broughton

This morning one of our teachers used an iPad App to teach her PDHPE class about the human heart. The IRC’s new SMART Board attached to an iPad had the students enthralled – as of course did the teacher’s excellent demonstrations,manipulation of the App and her questioning techniques! It was a wonderful example of quality teaching and switched on learning!