Google Sets

One of the Teacher Librarians who has helped me the most in my learning over the years is Barbara Braxton. This morning she shared this new Google tool in a list serve email and I now pass it on to you:

Google Sets allows you to insert a term and it will generate a list of words that are connected with that topic which can serve as an initial brainstorming activity for areas to be explored in relation to the topic. Each term was a hyperlink to websites about the topic.
For example ‘rainforests’ produced: rainforests, forest, nature, ecology, eucalypt forests, climate, semi arid, savanna, heathlands, woodlands, global warming, deserts, ecology research, environmental science, environmental issues

Give it a go – a great start for mind maps

“Go to Google, type in a search term, and then, when the
results display, click on More Options.  Wonder Wheel is in the menu on the
left.  I find this so useful for suggesting sub-topics and narrowing

The Timeline tool is also fascinating. Search for your town.” Thanks Barbara

YouTube & Commoncraft videos to the rescue!

Commoncraft videos on YouTube are very useful for a quick overview on new technologies. Check out these videos – most only a few minutes in length. Start with

World Wide Web in Plain English if you are not already familiar with exactly how it all works. Go on to learn about:

Wikis in Plain English

Blogs in Plain English

Twitter in Plain English

RSS in Plain English

Social Networking in Plain English

Google Docs in Plain English

Ralph Pirozzo visits Broughton

Ralph Pirozzo will spend Monday 28 June with our staff developing work units using the Planning Matrix for which he is well known in educational circles. His website spells it all out

Staff will spend some time during the Professional Development week curriculum planning following his workshops.