Day One of the Book Fair

Lunch time in the IRC was ‘mayhem’ today as students tried to find and purchase the books Murray had shown them yesterday.

After school, parents arrived and many happy little customers went home to read new books, carrying new posters and armed with new pencils, Biros, erasers and other somewhat useful equipment.

Some Mums left the IRC patiently listening to joke after joke from their child’s new joke book.

The Book Fair has arrived

Our annual Book Fair has arrived and is ready for the stampede tomorrow. Murray, from Scholastic came today to give ‘book talks’ to all the K-6 students and as usual they were engrossed and enthusiastic about all the new books. We had read The very cranky bear together for National Simultaneous Storytime earlier this year so the Kindergarten students were very excited to her the new Nick Bland book The very hungry bear.
The older students were shown a book trailer about how some of the new books are linked to online introductions and then for the actual ending of the story. This mix of digital, visual content with traditional hard-copy text is quite new and we will be interested to see how much the students enjoy this.