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  2. Wow. These are impressive reviews. And we really love your crazy readers! Thanks for sharing, everyone.

    The Library Team
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  3. Candyfloss
    Jacqueline Wilson
    Flossie’s parents have a happy divorce, but have been divorced nearly as long as they can remember. When Flossie’s mum and her new step dad move to Australia, she has to face the choice- go with mum, or stay with dad?

    After she reveals her choice, she has to face the disappointment of her other parent- and the consequences of her choice, either leaving behind all her friends or not seeing her mum everyday…

    After Flossie decides to stay with her dad.. they get homeless..
    Will Floss go back to mum??

  4. Anne of Avonlea By L.M.Montgomery.
    Book 2 of the Anne of Green Gales Series
    At sixteen, Anne is grown up…Almost. Her grey eyes shine like evening stars but her hair is still as fiery as her temper. In the years since she arrived at Green Gables as a freckle-faced orphan, she has earned the love of the Avonlea people, and a reputation for getting into scrapes. But as Anne begins her job as a school teacher, the real test of her character begins. Along with teaching the three R’s, she is learning how complicated life can be when she meddles in someone else’s romance, finds two new orphans a home.. at Green Gables and wonders about the strange behaviour of the very handsome Gilbert Blythe. As Anne enters womanhood, her adventures touch the heart- And the funnybone!!

  5. Branislav K
    Buddy- V.M Jones

    This book is about a kid called Josh Cranford. Josh is in a really tough situation at home with his parents because they just split up and he is living with his dad and is having a fun time with his dad until his dad finds a girlfriend. Josh has a much bigger problem than his dad’s girlfriend, it’s that he can’t swim, so his new teacher helps overcome his terrible fear of swimming and teaches him how to swim like a pro. After Josh learns to swim he decides to enter a triathlon, which includes: swimming, running and biking.

  6. Moving House
    by James Moloney

    This book is based on a boy called Brian.
    He is in a situation were the house next
    door is being moved by removalists.
    Brian knows that it’s the wrong
    house being moved but the guys moving
    the house are big and he gets intimidated by them.
    I think this book is for people a lot younger –
    like someone at the age of 9.
    I didn’t really enjoy this book because
    i found it a little boring and i think it
    was a silly choice for picking the book.

  7. Christy- Christy’s Choice by Catherine Marshalls
    Adapted by C. Archer
    Cutter Gap has really been a good choice for Christy’s devoted heart for mission, she has done so much already, and she has really made a difference. Her pupils are getting to know some basic arithmetic and English, It’s going great. She misses her family in Asheville, and really wants to see them but is surviving. Then Bessie Coburn, one of her students, gets sick- Really sick. Christy Decides to accompany her to the doctors- it just happens to be in Asheville! It turns out that it becomes a visit home- a little taste of what she had in her old life, clean clothes with NO mud, plumbing, a cosy bed, daily parties etc
    But then she has to choose- has she done enough at Cutter Gap… Can she stay back home… Will she stay back home? Or is there still work to be done at Cutter Gap?
    This is book 6 in a twelve book series called “Christy”

  8. Tell Me Where It Hurts

    Author: Dr Nick Trout
    Publisher: Hachette Australia
    First published in Australia: 2008

    This book is about events in an animal surgeon’s life, all of the big events in his career have been fitted into a day. This is a great book for animal lovers as there are a variety of animals including dogs and cats. It is one of those books where if you start reading a chapter you have to finish it. The only problem I found with this book is that the author used too many technical terms when describing each procedure. Other than that it is an excellent choice of book to read and I recommend it to others. There was one patient, a German Shepherd called Sage, who was a special patient to the animal surgeon. Sage’s owner was an elderly man and Sage was basically the only thing he had left. The only problem was Sage had a problem with her stomach. It was fixed but then other numerous problems with her stomach came up. Will she live or will she not be able to survive?

  9. ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ book review

    To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee is told through the eyes of a six-year-old tomboy named Scout Finch. Her father, Atticus, is an attorney- at- law and defends a black man named Tom Robinson, who is accused of raping a white young woman. Atticus is an extraordinary lawyer, and the verdict is very surprising.
    This plot, however, is not the only action happening in the novel. Down the street from Scout and her older brother Jem, lives the Radleys. Arthur (Boo) Radley got in trouble with the law at a young age and has not been seen outside of his house since. The children are very curious about his man, and try various techniques to get him to come out. The children both grow up very fast as they are brought into the adult world full of racial unrest, mysteries and thinking older than their age.

  10. Charlie and the chocolate factory book review

    Charlie Bucket is a kid who finds one of the 5 golden tickets that Mr. Wonk has hidden in 5 chocolate bars. So Charlie get the opportunity to explore Willie Wonks Chocolate factory and so do five other lucky kids that find the Golden tickets. Then they all go to the chocolate factory and Willie Wonk shows himself. Then the all enter the factory. But then what happens to Charlie?
    The things I like about this book were that it was it was a good book. The things I disliked were that it was written for 10 year olds. I recommend this book to 8-11

  11. My sister’s keeper by Jodi Picoult

    Anna was born with one purpose in mind – to be a donor for her older sister Kate, who was diagnosed with terminal leukemia at age 2. Now, at 13, Anna sues her parents for the rights to her own body – at the risk of losing her sister. The ensuing battle, both within the family and within the courtroom, shakes the concept of family to the very core, and calls into question the term “good parenting.”

    Anna Fitzgerald was genetically designed, conceived, and born to be the perfect genetic match for her sister, Kate. Kate suffers from a rare form of childhood leukemia and will die without blood and bone marrow transfusions from Anna. At 13, when her sister now needs a kidney, Anna has had enough. She hires an attorney and sues her parents for the rights to her own body. As her case works its way through the complicated legal system, things at home fall apart for Anna and her family. Anna recalls both the loving memories of her sister as well as holidays, parties, and activities sacrificed so she could be hospitalized to donate. Their father, a firefighter and part time stargazer, is torn between the competing needs of his children. Their mother, an attorney who retired when she had children, struggles to hold the family together and keep Kate alive at all costs.

    Anna Fitzgerald was definitely not a mistake. She was especially designed from her parents genes to provide a match for her elder sister Kate’s rare blood type. Kate has Leukemia, and when Anna was young she donated bone marrow to help with the treatment. Soon however, it was more marrow, blood, stem cells and now, when she is thirteen her parents want her kidney.

    The book jumps straight into the story where Anna begins to fight against her parents control, and adamantly against giving Kate her kidney she convinces a lawyer to take her case against her parents – she is suing them for the rights to her own body.

    The plot follows Anna’s family’s struggle, not only within the legal system but the emotional trials they all must now face; her parents struggle to understand Anna’s motives, as Anna seems also to do at times. At thirteen years old Anna rebels against her parents in one of the most heart wrenching ways possible for both parties, and in particular her alienation of her mother causes all sorts of difficulties within the family. A well-rounded story, more emphasis is placed on the family side of Anna’s battle with the underlying influence of Jesse, the girls’ older brother who has been slightly neglected, and perhaps due to the strain of having two frequently hospitalised sisters has become delinquient and isolated.

    Interestingly, Kate does not seem to voice much opinion about Anna’s choice to deny her sister a life-saving organ, which adds to the complications of the legal battle. Anna’s relationship with her lawyer is at times one-sided, as she begins to increasingly rely upon him, and he gets frustrated as he begins to feel like a babysitter. He does however recognize the influence of her controlling mother, and puts her under the care of a legal guardian, which naturally strains family relationships further.

    Anna’s case finally reaches the court, but her battle is far from over. More emotional manipulation and typical insecurities follow, as she stands up for herself in a world of adults.

    I hope you enjoy the book 🙂

  12. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    By J.K.Rowling

    Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets is the second book that J.K.Rowling has written. This book is about Harry and his friends discovering a chamber…….. But that’s all I’m telling. At the beginning of the story Harry is on summer holidays, he is living with his aunt’s family who hate wizards, and think having a wizard in the family is the deepest shame any family could have. Harry feels like a prisoner, he can’t do anything that involves magic, his friends haven’t sent him any birthday cards (during the holidays it was his birthday) and he misses Hogwarts school, but that all changes when Ron Weasley rescues him and drives to his house for the rest of the summer holidays.

    As Harry returns back to Hogwarts School, strange things start to happen; Ron’s little sister has been kidnapped and the walls have been written on with blood and Hermione Granger becomes sick. Harry has found a diary; this diary tells him about someone named Tom Riddle, who came to Hogwarts School a few years ago.

    Is Harry able to defeat Tom Riddle and his giant snake or is Harry defeated when he finds out the truth….?

  13. Doughy
    By James Maloney
    The book is based on a young aboriginal boy and his family dealing with racism in their life .
    Some of the places where this happens in the book is at school, football club and also at home.
    •Doughy is the brother of Grace
    •Grace is the sister Doughy

  14. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
    by CS Lewis
    This is the fifth book in a series called The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis. Most people only know the second book in this series called The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is about a Lucy and Edmund from ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ who are visiting their rotten cousin Eustace. Somehow they find themselves on a Narnian ship called the Dawn Treader. They find out that the ship is heading east, to where no one has sailed before, to find 7 lost Lords of Narnia. What will they find, will they make it back, to find out come and read this book.

  15. The Wednesday Wizard
    ‘Beware of Rue Wednesday!
    …beware the large town!
    And, Weasel, most of all,
    Beware of the dragon!’
    Denzil, a young apprentice to the great wizard Valvasor, is safe in his old medieval village alone at home while his master is in London town. The warning he has been given from the deaf old crackpot witch is for his master, he was sure of it. The only way to save his brilliant master is to use one of the spells Valvasor forbids him to use. The spell goes horribly wrong and Denzil is sent seven centuries into the future…
    While in the future he meets the MacAllister family, who very kindly take him in, mistaking him to be a stray boy from an unloving family. How will he be able to convince them he his an apprentice medieval wizard trying to save his master from a dragon? The Wednesday Wizard is a great book showing how a young medieval wizard copes in being in a strange new town, while making new friends along the way. A fantastic book for children all ages by Sherryl Jordan.

  16. L.A Candy
    By Lauren Conrad
    Publisher: Harper Collins

    L.A Candy is about a girl named Jane Roberts who moves to the city of Los Angeles, with her best friend Scarlett Harp, to pursue a career in event planning. One night, whilst meeting a new friend at a club, a Hollywood TV producer named Trevor Lord, spots the two girls by the bar, and asks them to audition for his new reality TV show. At first, Scarlett seems suspicious, but soon she becomes more interested in the idea.
    In no time at all, the TV show becomes a hit and the girls become superstars. They get moved into a fancy apartment, and their business and personal lives are documented for everyone to see. They also meet the other two girls on the show – Madison and Gaby. Jane is keen to make friends with the two girls, but Scarlett is much more reluctant and dislikes the girls automatically.
    But Madison, who seems sweet and kind on the outside, is really out to get Jane, because she is the spotlight of the show. She pretends to be Jane’s ‘BFF’, in order to get more camera time.
    Jane then meets Hollywood bad boy, Jesse Edwards, at a party. They really hit it off, and the cameras film their first date. Despite his reputation as a ‘player’, he claims he has become a changed man after meeting Jane. But everything turns around when Jesse is seen with another girl at his birthday party. Upset, Jane leaves.
    Madison, looking for ways to destroy Jane, finds out that Jane has a crush on Jesse’s best friend, Braden. She tells Braden, who has become a good friend of Jane’s, to go to her apartment and comfort her, all the while hinting that Jane has a crush on him.
    After that, Jane’s reputation is ruined, after Braden spends the night, and Madison takes pictures of them together and sells them to gossip magazines around the country.
    What will Jane do? How will Madison get away with it? Will Jane find out? There’s only one way to find out.

  17. Cool School By John Marsden

    In Cool School you must be careful or you could easily be ending up in a lot of sticky situations. You might have blown up your new school or been hypnotized by the principal. You could have been killed and bashed to a bloody pulp, you could have been kissed by a girl or have gone out on a date. It’s completely up to you.
    Cool School is a book that will drag you straight in you won’t be able to put it down.
    John Marsden has done a great job in the way he’s has pieced together this book. Because you can choose the way you want the book to end it makes it a lot more interesting.

  18. The Night is for Hunting
    My book is written by John Marsden, it is the 7th book in the series, the Tomorrow series. The series is about a group of teens who go on a camping trip. One night while they are sleeping (some are still awake) they see a group of war planes. The next morning they discus it and just think that it was a group going to war in another country, so they don’t worry about it.
    When they get back they discover that their parents aren’t at home and there is no signal on their phones so they can’t call anyone. They are at a girl named Elly’s house. When they find out what has happened they go over to Homer’s house to see if it is the same. When they get there, his house is also empty and by then they are getting a bit scared.
    In the book ‘The Night is for Hunting’ it talks about them finding some children in an alleyway. The bad guys are about to get them when Elly and her group roll in with a big tank, then they get everyone on the tank and go! They get away safely and then start walking back to their secret place ‘Hell’. The rest of the story is about them getting the kids to safety and making sure they don’t get killed themselves!

  19. The Secret Life Of Bees
    By Sue Monk Kidd
    Publisher:Review Fiction
    The Secret Life Of Bees is about a 14 year old girl who comes to realise that after killing her mother when she was just four years old she yearns for forgiveness and a mother’s love. Living on a peach farm with her unloving and unyielding father, all she had left was a black woman Rosaleen, who acts as her stand- in mother.
    When Rosaleen insults three of the deepest racists in town, Lily knows that it’s time to set themselves both free. They both take off in an only direction Lily can think of, toward a town called Tiburan, South Carolina—a name she found on the back of a picture amongst the few possessions left by her mother.
    They are taken in by an eccentric trio of black keeping sisters named May, June and August. Lily thinks of them as the calender sisters and enters there secret worlds of bees and honey, and of the black Madonna who presides over this household of strong and wise women. Maternal loss and betrayal, guilt and forgiveness twists in a story that Lily longs for most, a mothers love.

  20. Rowan of Rin and the Zebak
    By Emily Rodda

    Rowan of Rin and the Zebak is the fourth book out of five. In these books Rowan is a “skinny rabbit”- a weakling, an oddity in the village of Rin. He may be skinnier than, not as strong as and smaller than the other kids his age but he is the hero of the village. He saved Rin from a drought and a fire breathing dragon (Rowan of Rin), he saved Rin from evil Unrin trees (Rowan of Rin and the Travellers), he saved the Maris from an invasion from the Zebak (Rowan of Rin and the Keeper of the Crystal), but this time is different this time he doesn’t help a viscous dragon he doesn’t save all of Rin from being eaten by the mountains berry trees and he doesn’t save the Maris folk from capture by the Zebak. This time he goes across a sea in a freak storm with serpents slithering under him, He goes into enemies land and across the ‘wasteland’ that has Iskbins underneath waiting for someone to walk on top of where they are resting to feast. He goes into the city where his enemies live and if they saw him he would killed before you could say ‘the Zebak!!!’, all this just to save his little sister which the Zebak captured with his friends, Zeel- a Zebak that was raised by the travellers, Allun- a half traveller, Perlain- a Maris folk, but there is also another but she doesn’t go with them to the Wastelands. The wise woman Sheba gives Rowan a package with five sticks inside and when he throws one of the sticks into the fire the face of Sheba appears and tells a prophecy in rhyme and Rowan and his friends have to try and work out what it says. Before Rowan goes on his journey to save his sister he goes and talks to the wise woman and she tells a bigger prophecy in rhyme that scares Rowan more than anyone had scared him before and it went like this….

    Five strange fingers form fate’s hand,
    Each plays a part at fate’s command,
    The fiery blaze the answer keeps,
    And till its time each secret sleeps,
    When pain is truth and truth is pain,
    The painted shadows live again,
    Five leave but five do not return,
    Vain hope in pride and terror burn

  21. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
    By J.K Rowling

    “Dumbledore lowered his hands and surveyed Harry through his half-moon glasses. ‘It is time’, He said ‘For me to tell you what I should have told you five years ago, Harry. Please sit down. I am going to tell you everything.”

    Harry Potter is starting his fifth Year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and is waiting impatiently to get back to school to talk to his friends, Ron and Hermione. He wants to know why they have been all secretive while the summer holidays have been going on. But what he finds out in this new year of school is going to turn his world and knowledge about himself upside down.

    Introducing new character Professor Umbridge and a whole new world for Harry Potter, this book will bring you suspense, laughter and – of course – MAGIC!!

    I suggest this book for people aged 10+ because it is a bit too scary for 8 year olds!! It is the 5th of 7 books in J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter Series.

  22. The Battle for Rondo
    By Emily Rodda

    This book was first published in 2009, the publisher is scholastic and this is a great book that is one of those books that are hard to put down once you start. The book is about Leo and Mimi returning to Rondo and trying to solve the mystery of the blue smoke around the Blue Queen’s castle. The Blue Queen is trying to take control of Rondo once again and Leo and Mimi must come to the rescue. There will be betrayal and disasters will occur. Will Leo and Mimi stop the Blue Queen’s hunger for power? Who will betray them? All will be revealed if you read the book.

  23. Return to terror cove
    by Paul Buchannan

    This book is about two boys who live in Boulder Bay. Their names are Josh and Danny. Danny lives in a light house but he hates heights and then one day Josh and Danny go and see an old movie but soon they realise that the movie they are watching is about where they live and that aliens come down and start to eat people so they find the writer of the movie and save the day but at the end there is a big twist to the story.
    I think the book would be good for kids age 10 to 15. I like the book it was a real brain twister.

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