GI 2014

Term 4: Year 5 ‘Global Connections’ unit of work

In March the Primary School teachers once again took part in an ‘after school’ Guided Inquiry workshop. After I had introduced Guided Inquiry as the best model for Inquiry learning, describing the theory and process, some of the teachers who collaborated with me last year testified to the successful units they had taught and their plans for this year. (See also Jodie Torrington’s evaluation on GI 2013)

Primary Workshop: Cheryl Gajda 2014

Primary Workshop: Collette Willis 2014

Primary Workshop: Jodie Torrington 2014

Year 11 PDHPE used Guided Inquiry for the first time this year – Mr Paul Burns took the plunge and worked hard to incorporate individual selection of topic areas into a syllabus that is very content driven. Through collaborative planning and teaching a very successful unit was delivered. In the following video clips he evaluates many aspects of the experience

Student reaction to using Guided Inquiry


Evaluation and ROSA Grades for Year 11


Preliminary HSC requirements


Beyond Content and Rote Learning


Problem with time and Prelim HSC Content – overcoming this


Strengths – Differentiation and Deep Learning


The importance of well structured questions and teacher support in this


Culminating “Hot Seat” activity for sharing and deepening understanding

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