GI 2010

This year Action Research was undertaken by Alinda Sheerman (Teacher Librarian) on the application of Guided Inquiry with a Year 10 Commerce class and with the assistance of the class teacher Brad Gillion. The curriculum topic Current Issues in Australia was perfect for students to learn research techniques in an area of personal interest.

A collaborative team approach was applied through the use of a wiki – the team, this time, consisted of the Teacher Librarian, the Class teacher, and the students. Through this process they learnt how to ask questions and direct their own learning to a path of deep knowledge. The teachers supported and encouraged learning through monitoring their work on the wiki and through team support in class time. Video footage of various stages of the process follow.

Nicola and Joshua gave a presentation of their experience in using the Guided Inquiry process at the Syba Signs conference 21C School Libraries – Getting into the action on Friday 19 November 2010 at Darling Harbour, Sydney. This is a compilation of video and their PowerPoint slides – their enthusiasm is very evident!

Dr Ross Todd and Lyn Hay comment on the presentation after Joshua and Nicole spoke. It includes questions and comments by Ross Todd.

Sarah shares the process and scaffolds used in researching the topic of the rising cost of electricity

Using the scaffolds – Elizabeth shares her research project

Deep questions and a wiki work sample from each student. (Music: Luke Lukess)

Marina uses selection scaffolds to find her area of interest

Patrick works on turning an ‘area of interest’ into a deep question.

The class at work and a few examples of working in the Collection Stage of Guided Inquiry

Patrick again as he asks about referencing in the Collection Stage

The Class ‘hard at work’ during the Wiki Presentation stage – Note the teacher is looking at their pages and ‘commenting’ or speaking to them on a personal level.

Presentation: I’m sorry Mummy – by Lindsay

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  1. I was at the conference held at Darling Harbour. This presentation blew me away. and even though we are working at a primary school, it was an absolute inspiration for us to move forward. Thankyou.

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