GI 2012

Using Guided Inquiry as a process for teaching and learning has continued to flourish at Broughton in 2012.
As reports are written and evidence is gathered the Action Research component will be linked to the topics below.

Not only have more teachers and classes taken part in collaborative learning teams, including the Teacher Librarian in their planning and process, but some teachers have also embedded previously experienced processes and scaffolds into other lessons and other subject areas. Technology has been deliberately embedded to enhance the collaborative nature of their inquiry and to share work in new and exciting ways.

Year 6 History through Narrative: An extension group was withdrawn and, guided by the Teacher Librarian, followed the Guided Inquiry process in individual projects. The remainder of Year 6 also worked with their teachers in the IRC following an Inquiry approach and working in groups to answer questions based around characters and events in other Australian historical novels.

Year 7 World Heritage Projects – using Guided Inquiry for personal projects. Aspects of Information Literacy were taught at point of need throughout this unit of work. As Broughton has a high intake of new students into Year 7 each year, it is the ideal time to ensure all students have the skills necessary for ethical, safe and skillful Internet use.

Year 10 Commerce: Issues in Australian Society – using Guided Inquiry for personal projects as the students investigated an issue of personal interest to them. This unit has been part of the Commerce syllabus for three years now with two different teachers learning to use this process and learning to teach collaboratively through the use of a class wiki with all resources and presentations online.

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