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Guided Inquiry @ Broughton

Dr Ross J Todd, who currently heads up the Center for International Scholarship in School Libraries at Rutgers University and has conducted research into student learning through Inquiry projects for many years, came to Sydney in 2007 to address a Syba Signs Conference for Teacher Librarians on the process of Guided Inquiry.

After attending this conference and subsequently reading Carol C Kuhlthau’s book “Guided Inquiry: Learning in the 21st Century School” which unpacked the research and theory I was enthused to use this framework and to assess its use in the classroom.

After conducting my own Action Research into Guided Inquiry as a learning process with different classes over three years, I realised that the evidence collected showing the effectiveness of this process needed to be shared so more students, with the support of their teachers and Teacher Librarians, could benefit from this positive learning experience. They could then learn how to manage their own learning through asking deep questions leading them to deep knowledge and understanding.

Year 10 Commerce studied Issues in Australian Society during 2010 and the students undertook research of a personally selected topic using the Guided Inquiry process.

In my role as Teacher Librarian, the class and teacher were supported in conducting Action Research into this process. These blog pages of the Library Blog ‘BACIRC’ record the Action Research conducted to share learning about the benefits of incorporating Guided Inquiry into the teaching and learning process.

A record of our ‘Journey’ so far – photos and footage of Action Research into this process – can be viewed on these pages.
Beginnings: 2008-2009

GI in 2010

2010: Evaluating the Process

GI in 2011

GI in 2012

GI in 2013

GI in 2014

GI in 2015

GI in 2016

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