GI 2010: Evaluating the Process

Evaluating the Guided Inquiry process for 2008 and 2009 appears within the videos on the page Beginnings: 2008-2009

Evaluation 2010

This Peer Reviewed article was written for Scan Journal and appeared in Volume 30 No 2 May 2011.
Permission has been obtained to link to the document here.
Accepting the challenge: Evidence based practice at Broughton Anglican College

Year 10 Commerce teacher, Brad Gillion, shared his experience of Guided Inquiry at the 21C School Libraries: Getting into the action conference

Brad (student: Year 10 Commerce) was eager to share his project. He is a practical visual learner!

Two students who studied the same topic discuss the project.

A few snippets of students’ Oral Presentations and the conclusions drawn or challenges issued.

Lyn Beattie, teacher who took part in this process with a Year 7 class both in 2009 and this year (2010), speaks of her experience.

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