GI 2011

In 2011 a number of Guided Inquiry research projects were undertaken at Broughton and they were observed and supported by the Teacher Librarian.

Some units of work were taught collaboratively by the Teacher Librarian and classroom teachers as Action Research projects for gathering evidence of successful and engaging learning experiences undertaken with the support of the school library and its services.

Those used for Action Research followed the process already discussed in the first report on this blog:

Plan: The need for change – setting the goals, planning the action

Act: The Information Search Process – from Initiation to Evaluation

Describe: Discuss every aspect of the Action Research project:

  • Step 1: Staff training in Guided Inquiry if they are new to this pedagogy
  • Step 2: Selecting and Planning a Unit of Work using the Guided Inquiry Process – Program of work and assessment at all stages.
  • Step 3: Implementation


  • Achievements and Successes
  • Class Teacher reflects
  • Teacher Librarian reflects
  • Students – reflection on their own learning
  • results/analysis of Students’ SLIM  questionnaires
  • Reflection on Driving and Blocking Forces
  • Reflection on level of Goal achievement
  • Reflection on Project Strengths and Weaknesses

2011 Guided Inquiry Classes

Videos of each Teacher Librarian assisted project will be found below. The Action Research reports are yet to be published.

Year 2 Science: Wet & Dry Environments (1 Class) – Teacher Librarian assistance only

Year 4 Science: The Human Body (2 classes)  + Action Research

Sally, a Special Needs teacher, was very impressed with the work her students achieved and the interest they maintained when using the Guided Inquiry process for learning.

Year 5 HSIE: Antarctica (2 classes) + Action Research

Year 7 Geography: World Heritage Sites (3 classes) – One class + Action Research
Year 10 Commerce: Issues in Australian Society (1 Class) + Action Research

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