Book Week! “One world, many stories”

Displays, online activities, and an author visit set the scene for a week long focus on books and reading.

Children’s author and humanitarian refugee worker Andrew McDonough visited Broughton for two days. On the first day he spoke to Year 11 about his work with refugees as they come into Australia. He then spoke to Years 7 & 8 about writing and illustrating books for children.

Andrew McDonough returned for another day and spoke group by group to the whole Junior School (K-6) about his writing and illustrating. His story telling was amazing and he demonstrated some of his digital illustrating techniques.

Improve your writing skills – free podcasts

The book Writing Tools: 50 essential strategies for every writer by Roy Peter Clark is now available as a series of podcasts through iTunes. It is free! This is a “must listen to” for every student who wants to improve their writing skills – just listen to one every day and try to put it into practice.
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Sir Ken Robinson: “Out of our minds: Learning to be creative”

On 16 March 2011, Sir Ken Robinson presented a talk to the Learning Without Frontiers community on valuing the arts in the redesign of education. He advocates including the arts as a core part of the curriculum to encourage creativity that will lead to innovative and creative thinking.

This talk was followed by a panel discussion available here:
If you are interested in Educational Policy and change these videos are a must!