21C skills achieved through Guided Inquiry

Doug Johnson’s The Blue Skunk blog is a place I visit regularly for educational, thought provoking comment. Today’s post discusses 21st century skills linking them to Costa and Kallick’s Habits of Mind.

How is this for a list of skills we need our students to achieve in order to excel in the 21st century!
Flexibility & Adaptability
Initiative & Self-Direction
Social & Cross-Cultural Skills
Productivity & Accountability
Leadership & Responsibility

The following two, clipped from today’s post, show that these skills go well beyond traditional learning outcomes. ‘Content’ now takes a step back – not to be memorised but to be used for training and gaining skills.









As I read through all of Doug Johnson’s blog post I realised that, at Broughton, when we undertaking Guided Inquiry units of work, we are actually addressing each of these skills areas – and more.

As our students work independently to answer a self-posed question within a given topic area, share their learning through the use of wikis, describe results in final presentations (often working in group situations), conduct peer and self assessment -  they are working within these skills areas actually integrating them into each unit of work.

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