Harnessing Social Media to Enhance Education

There is no denying the impact Social Media is having in society today and this, of course, extends to schools, students and teachers.

There are a number of educators blogging and publishing online about this and I hope to link to a few here so we can assess for ourselves how we can collaborate and integrate social media into our pedagogy and ‘classrooms’ (wherever they might be). Online tools, Content Management Systems and Social Media in general can help us to create a classroom without walls and boundaries.

Here are links to a a few interesting items about the use of media and technology in the educational environment or on the implications of its use:

How Social Media can Enhance Schools as Professional Learning Communities

Digital Citizenship in Schools

Mitch Resnick: The Role of Making, Tinkering, Remixing in Next-Generation Learning

The New Wild West: Teens Navigating Ethical Decisions Online without a Sheriff

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