Permission Needed for Images on your blog

Read a timely reminder posted by Ronnie Burt today: PSA: Don’t Let Salami and Google Images Get You In Hot Water

Google Advanced Search indicates which images have a Creative Commons license to republish online.

Flikr Images also have a Creative Commons search option.

Click here for a collection of image search engines:

Studyvibe: learning to suceed at ‘crunch time’

Join this site to learn about study skills and share with other students. It is a collaborative learning space targeted at Primary and High School students. Read and share about ‘Learning Styles’, motivation, memory, researching, referencing and much more.

Are you creative?…. Do you want to share your work or use the creative work of others?

The Bright Ideas Blog published this poster explaining the Creative Commons Licence. It was created by Karlisson Bezzera (Brazil), a blogger who goes under the name of Nerdson. Bezerra manages to explain creative commons in an easy-to-follow comic strip.


Need help with your Referencing or Bibliography?

Here is an online generator – copy and paste titles, authors etc and they will be combined to make your Bibliography. Copy this into a list for your assignment. This site supports the Harvard System which is used at our school. We are very grateful to the School Library Association of South Australia for providing this tool.