Digital Citizenship survival toolkit

Every Teacher Librarian needs a kit like this. Craig Badura demonstrates, in an ed tech blog post, how to use everyday household items to practically and visually guide students on aspects of digital citizenship of which they need to be aware. This kit could be expanded or altered to suit.

Interactive Lessons on YouTube and Online Responsibility

There has been a very noticeable shift for Secondary students to search YouTube for resources. TED, TEDEd, Vimeo and other sources are also searched regularly by our students.

Google Education have provided interactive lessons for Secondary Students to assist in teaching responsible digital citizenship particularly in the use of YouTube or other online resources.

Teacher resources of videos, slides and summaries for each lesson are available. The topics include:

YouTube’s policies
How to report content on YouTube
How to protect their privacy online
How to be responsible YouTube community members
How to be responsible digital citizens

New Year… Clean up and safety check

‘The Daring Librarian’ has posted a great list of things to do to smarten up online presence.

  1. Change Passwords – Click the link below and read her 4 tips for super passwords
  2. Clear Cache, History and Cookies
  3. Clean up and organise Flash Drives
  4. Check out using the Cloud for storage and consider …Dropbox, iCloud, Google Docs etc
  5. Edit privacy settings and ‘friendships’

These five are a ‘must’ to get ready for the new school year. For the rest please visit The Daring Librarian’s Blog: